What is a TAC?

Children and families may experience a range of needs at different times in their lives.  All children including children with additional needs require access to high quality universal services.  Some children are at risk of poor outcomes.  These are children with additional needs and they will require targeted support from a range of different agencies and may require a Team around the Child (TAC), a group of professionals who can provide different services to meet the identified need(s).

When a TAC is required

When a professional from any agency identifies a child with an additional need  and where the care needs require co-ordination due to complexity or due to the number  of agencies involved, then a Team around the Child meeting should be initiated. As a guide, a TAC would normally be required where two or more support services  are involved, however this is not prescriptive and professionals should use their judgement  to consider when a TAC is necessary

Lead Professional

The Lead Professional is normally appointed after consultation between workers and family members at the first TAC meeting. The Lead Professional acts as a single point of contact for the family/child/ young person and professionals.  The Lead Professional ensures that the family receive appropriate interventions when needed, which are well planned, reviewed regularly and effectively delivered. 


The initiation of a TAC will require the consent of the family.

Locality Teams

From 03/10/11,  primary  responsibility for the functioning of TAC will be taken by the seven Locality Targetted Teams. A nominated PP will manage the arrangements:

  • South Kesteven, Fiona Railton, 01476 584640
  • South Holland, Lisa Collins, 01775 766151
  • Boston, Viorica Buda, 01205 355630
  • Lincoln, Kim Lyon, 07825 356707
  • North Kesteven, Mike Carroll, 01522 555526
  • West Lindsey, Tony Jones, 01673 862767
  • East Lindsey, Heather Baxter, 01507 602399

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Last updated: 6 April 2011

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