Educational Support for Looked After Children

Information for children, young people, carers and professionals regarding Educational Support for Looked After Children.

Ensuring children and young people enjoy and achieve is a strategic aim of the Every Child Matters Agenda.  A new Board for Education of Children Looked After will be set up in the New Year chaired by the Assistant Director for Specialist Services in Children’s Services.

Working on the Board is an Education of Children Looked After Team who meet quarterly as a steering group.

Children and young people who are 'looked after' by local authorities do not tend to do as well as other pupils.  The gap in achievement between children in care and the general population is not because of lower ability.

Some factors could be because of moving school and so losing contact with valued teachers and friends and possibly with school sports teams and other activity groups.  Missed learning between moving schools or an unidentified learning difficulty is an example of the problems these children and young people could face.

That is why these youngsters need local authorities to offer dedicated support to help them achieve to their full potential.  To find out what service the CLA Education Team can offer, please see the links.

Only a small percentage of children and young people are 'looked after' by local authorities because of something that they have done wrong.  The majority are in Care because their own family can no longer continue to look after them.  What does 'Looked after' mean and who is 'in care'?.

The Board and the Steering Group both work to the following documents:


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Last updated: 18 March 2010

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