Definitive Map

A Guide to the Mapping of Public Rights of Way

Public rights of way are recorded on Definitive Maps and are described in accompanying Statements. The maps were drawn up following surveys carried out by parish councils in the 1950s to identify all known public rights of way. The maps provide conclusive evidence as to their existence and status at the date the routes were first recorded (this is known as the ‘relevant date’).

Lincolnshire County Council, like all surveying authorities, is required to maintain the maps and statements and make them available for public inspection. You can check the location of paths near you by looking at the definitive map. Copies can be viewed at County Offices, Lincoln, and District Council Offices around the County.

Copies of the working copy of Public Rights of Way map can be viewed by contacting the Public Rights of Way section at the County Council on 01522 782070 or by sending an email to:

Changes to the Definitive Map and Statement

Changes to the Definitive Map and Statement can only be made by making a legal order, which must be confirmed before it has effect.

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Last updated: 28 February 2011

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