Issues and Strategies

Below are some common issues experienced by pupils with possible memory difficulties and possible solutions to try.

IssueTeacher StrategyPupil Strategy
Pupil forgets the task
  • Give brief and simple instructions in steps if the task is very complex.
  • Repeat the instructions.
  • Check the pupil can remember the instructions.
  • Use a written form of the instructions with visual support.
  • Pupil to take brief notes or make a visual representation of the instructions.
  • Pupil to sequence the activity and carry out each task before moving on.
  • Pupil to retell in their own words what the task is, possibly to another pupil.
Copying from the board
  • Be aware of the amount of information presented on the board to be copied.
  • Provide the pupil with a paper version on their desk to copy from.
  • Pupil could then cross out the part they have copied from the information provided to help keep their place.
  • Pupil to chunk the information into small parts e.g. 3-4 words, read at least twice, rehearse (verbally if appropriate), then write.
Taking notes whilst a teacher is talking, while watching a video etc..
  • Support any spoken information with visual cues-key bits of information to be highlighted.
  • Give the information encouraging the pupil to listen.
  • Chunk information and use a slow rate of speech.
  • Have frequent breaks to allow processing and only do as a short task.
  • Pupil to then repeat the information
  • Encouraging the pupil to then make notes
  • Pupil to rehearse what they have heard so they can pick out the key points to write down, draw a visual representation e.g. a mind map or record in a data phone.
Forgetting homework, school equipment etc.
  • The form tutor to prompt with questions in the morning to check the pupil has the required equipment for that day.
  • Teacher to provide written instructions about homework to be put in the homework diary.
  • Pupil to write down the task.
  • Pupil to have a homework diary.
  • Pupil to carry a checklist for each day of the items they need. This can be visual or written.

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Last updated: 26 October 2015

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