Internal Dialogue

The sentences that people tell themselves and the debate that often goes on “inside their head” a form of self-talk, or inner speech.

The following skills are needed:


  • What could you do differently next time?
  • What do you need to do next?
  • What will happen if you do that?
  • What would be the consequences of doing things differently?


  • How was the person feeling?
  • How do you know?
  • How do you now feel about the experience?


  • What were the consequences for you?
  • What were the consequences for other people?
  • Would it have been better to fight back or to tell a teacher?
  • How does this relate to previous experiences?


  • Why did you respond as you did?
  • What factors were influencing you?
  • Why would it have been better to do ?????

Problem solving (This involves all of the above)

  • What happened?
  • How could you have prevented it happening?

Use the following Box Of Tricks to help develop the above skills:

Behaviour pie, Incident form, Observation schedule, Friendly behaviour audit, My friendly tree, Feelings dice, Put downs and push ups

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Last updated: 26 October 2015

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