Assertive Rights

Use role play to help the student to understand how to assert his /her rights in an acceptable way. For example:

Situation: changing a pair of trainers

  • How can it happen?
  • Aggressive?
  • Passive?
  • Assertive?


C: Can I change these trainers?
A: Is anything wrong with them?
C: Maybe, I’m not sure
A: Well have you got the receipt?
C: I think so……….


C: You’ve got to change these trainers
A: Is anything wrong with them?
C: What difference does that make? You’ve got to change them. I know my rights.
A: We can only change them if you have a receipt.
C: That is SO STUPID! Do you really expect me to keep a stupid piece of paper?


C: Please can I change these trainers
A: Is there anything wrong with them?
C: Yes, I wore them once and now the bottoms coming off. Here’s the receipt.
A: Thank you.

Ref: Carol Gray 1994

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Last updated: 26 October 2015

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