School Alert Form

School Alert Form

The School Alert Form is one element of Lincolnshire County Council’s School Improvement Strategy, and enables Local Authority advisers and officers working with schools to inform the Education Team of concerns about a school following a visit or other interaction that will be recorded separately on the Nexus application.

The School Alert Form should be should be used when:

  • the issue is serious enough to warrant a more formal action than the usual resolution support offered by the adviser or officer and their department colleagues
  • a pattern of green-blue-green category (RAG) rating is emerging via Visit recording on Pendulum module in Nexus
  • the school is already category rated ‘Investigation Required’ (Blue) on the Pendulum module in Nexus as a result of a previous visit, possibly by another service or department.

If the Children’s Services Manager for School Standards requires further information following an initial submitted alert, he will trigger a series of emails to identified service leads asking if they have any concerns of their own to report.

The resulting report is then reviewed and action and/or support agreed, which may include review at the School Effectiveness Planning meetings and possible inclusion as a School Causing Concern.


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Last updated: 29 January 2019

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