Alternative Provision Guidance and Forms

The third step on the Lincolnshire Ladder of Behavioural Intervention (LLBI) takes the form of a 16 week (KS1-3) intervention placement within within one of the Springwell Alternative Academy centres.

KS4 placements will usually be permanent, allowing pupils to complete vocational pathways. Pupils will remain dual registered with their home school.

In order to protect the capacity of the provision and the public purse, places are available only when schools can demonstrate that there has been full engagement with the LLBI.

A placement panel will act as gatekeeper of all referrals.

Meeting Medical Needs

A referral form for access to additional support when a secondary aged pupil is too unwell for school is also available for download here. Please note that all referrals must be supported by an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHCP), as per DfE statutory guidance

An IHCP template, taken from the DfE document, is available for download in the “Downloads” tab.

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Last updated: 26 October 2018

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