Some Suggested IEP Targets for Vocabulary Acquisition

Add specific detail  when setting IEP targets!   E.g   John will name 5 teams from a set of 10 with on 5 occasions

Level 1

  • To name individual items from a set category. (Practice vocabulary)
  • To name individual items at random (Non-practice vocabulary)
  • To demonstrate use of a range of verbs in a sentence
  • To demonstrate use of a range of objects in a sentence
  • To use the personal pronoun “I/me” when speaking about self
  • To use the personal pronouns “he/she” when speaking about others

Level 2

  • To give the category name for a group
  • To give an associated word to a target word
  • To give a range of words from a given category
  • To give a group or category its name
  • To guess a word from given clues

Key stage 2 only

  • To give clues to define a word
  • To explain the different meanings of a given target word
  • To give a word of a similar meaning to a given target word (synonym).
  • To understand the non-literal meaning of idioms
  • To formulate a simple sentence containing a given target word and say the sentence
  • To identify if a sentence is acceptable or not
  • To change a sentence to make it acceptable

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Last updated: 21 October 2015

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