Strategies to help Pupils with Processing and Comprehension

Teacher Strategies

  • Be aware of the child’s limited processing capacity
  • Prepare or prompt a child before information is given eg use the child’s name first and then give the information/instruction
  • Break down instructions/input into ‘manageable chunks’
  • Support your talk with visual cues – pictures, gestures, words
  • Stress key words
  • Be prepared to repeat or rephrase what you have said
  • Prepare – Present – Review
  • Allow more time for the child to respond – use pauses
  • Allow for ‘over-learning’ of new vocabulary
  • Be positive
  • Encourage pupil awareness of ‘good listening’
  • Have the confidence to recognise/say when s/he hasn’t understood

At Key Stage Two children need to be encouraged to be aware of how they can help themselves. They can be encouraged to do this by developing Active Listening Skills.

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Last updated: 22 October 2015

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