Processing and Comprehension

  • Processing and Comprehension

    Children who are experiencing difficulty in processing and comprehension may also have problems with listening and vocabulary.

  • How Language is Processed

    Language processing is complex. It is more than listening or understanding and is dependant upon the integration of a whole range of skills.

  • Strategies to help Pupils with Processing and Comprehension

    At Key Stage Two children need to be encouraged to help themselves.

  • Grammar

    To be able to understand language effectively a child needs to be able to make sense of a range of grammatical elements.

  • Reasoning and Thinking

    Does the child understand that people may not always mean what they say, there are specific ideas for each area and a list of resources.

  • Activities for Grammar

    Activities covering the use of plurarls, which cover levels 1 and 2, with examples for classroom work and games.

  • Activities for Reasoning and Thinking

    Inference and Deduction are important thinking skills which enable us to work flexibly in the world.

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