Suggested Targets and Linked Activities

(G = possible group/class activity)

Level 3

To identify and pick up a named object from a set of 3

  • Asking for objects: give the child 3 objects i.e.
    a) full size objects; a teddy, a doll and a cat or
    b) miniature objects; cow, pig, sheep or
    c) pictures; tree, flower, grass
  • Ask the child for 1 or 2 of the items
  • Begin with a) objects until the child is secure with the idea, and then move to b) then c) giving plenty of time for consolidation

To identify a named shape and post it following the target word ‘Go’

  • Posting objects
  • Give the child a shape sorter. They are not to post the object until the helper says ‘Go’

To follow a single instruction

Play hide and seek with items from the classroom (G)

To retain and recall a series of 2 objects or items

  • Play shop
  • Let the child be the shop keeper. Visit the shop and ask for single items, then 2 related items at a time i.e. carrot and potato, cup and saucer (G)

To predict words in a story or action rhyme and join in at the key moments

  • e.g. Incy Wincy Spider, Two Little dicky birds, Wheels on the bus, Where’s Spot, We’re going on a bear hunt, Peep Bo  (G)

To identify a single sound from a set of three

  • Line up musical instruments i.e. drum, triangle and tambourine, ensure the child knows the sound each instrument makes. Hide the objects behind a barrier  and you make a noise with one. The child has to identify  which one

To listen carefully to music and stand still when the music stops

To repeat a simple, regular beat

  • Let the child stamp or march around the room to the beat of a drum keeping in time (G)

To identify every day sounds individually e g clock ticking, airplane, animal sounds

  • Sound Lotto (G)

Level 4

To identify unusual, individual sounds

  • Sound Lotto with more unusual sounds (G)

To listen for, and acknowledge their own name in a story

  • Make up a story with the child’s name in it, or substitute their name in a traditional story. The child has to acknowledge when he hears it i.e. put their hand up, say that’s me etc.
  • This can also be adapted by substituting an incorrect name in a story on occasion e.g. Goldipops and the Three Pears

To retain and recall a series of 2 actions

  • Give the child 2 actions to perform i.e. touch your ear and your nose (G)

To retain and recall a series of 2 unrelated objects

Play shop

  • Ask for 2 unrelated items i.e. shoe and bun (G)

To retain and recall a series of 3 related objects

  • The Washing Line Game
  • This can be played with a real washing line at first then with pictures. Give the child instructions i.e. hand out the dress, the sock and the pants (G)

To copy a regular beat of 3

  • Use musical instruments, ask the child to copy a beat of three. Do this whilst the child looks and listens, then, when they are confident, they can turn their back and listen only

Extension activities:

  • To copy a beat in series - Pass the beat around the group
  • Tocopyarhythm - Repeat a rhythm looking and listening, then just listening
  • To copy a rhythm in series - Pass the rhythm around the group
  • To listen for a gap in the music and act accordingly Play musical chairs (G)

Level 5

  • To follow an instruction with a visual clue Play Simon Says miming the action to be taken
  • To follow an instruction without a visual clue Play Simon Says without the miming (G)
  • To retain and recall a series of 4 items or objects
  • To retain and recall a series of 5 items or objects Play the Washing Line Game from Level 4, with an extended list (G)
  • To listen for, and acknowledge an animal name and make the appropriate sound at the key moment
  • Tell a story with animals in it and ask the child to listen for one animal and make the noise when he hears it (G)
  • To listen for and arrange the pictures of a list of 3 objects/items in a story Give the child a set of pictures that match to the story to be told. Ask him to put the pictures out as he hears the appropriate word in the story

Extension targets:

  • To listen for and arrange the pictures of a list of 4/5/6 objects/items in the story (G)
  • To listen for their name when sitting in a circle and, on production of their name, catch a bean bag as it is thrown to them (G)
  • To follow a single instruction without a visual clue - Two children sit either side of a screen, each with a large sheet of paper and crayons They take it in turns to tell each other what to draw e.g. ‘Draw a house. Put a red roof on it. Make three windows’. Etc. At the end both drawings should look the same
    This can also be done with cubes or blocks to make 3D shapes

Extension targets:

  • To follow 2 step instruction without a visual clue
  • To follow a 3 step instruction without a visual clue
  • To listen for a given sound and recall a linked action - The child pretends to be different things on hearing different musical instruments e.g. drum – soldier, glockenspiel – raindrop

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Last updated: 21 October 2015

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