Working with Fathers

Both mother and father involvement are important for children, and one is not a substitute for the other.

Based on evidence from research we know that the involvement of fathers and other male carers has positive outcomes for a child’s socio-economic development and this has long lasting benefits for the child.

Lincolnshire recognises the importance of mothers and fathers to children, however, current evidence suggests that most child rearing services are directed towards women. There is a need to address inappropriate practice and attitudes to redress the balance.

Our aim is to increase children’s well being through increased involvement of family men. Involving family men is also a gender equality issue.  Services must be welcoming to men and meet men’s needs and there should be gender balance in the workplace.

Fathers are part of families. Evidence suggests that the most successful interventions place an emphasis on parents’ shared interest in their children.  Mothers and fathers need to be supported to understand and support the importance of each of them to their children.

Father’s Plus is a charity which offers training, resources, support and advice to organisations and agencies who wish to engage with fathers and male carers.


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Last updated: 5 November 2015

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