Developing and Delivering Services

Developing, delivering and co-ordinating services is done via a TAC meeting, and a clear multi-agency plan.

Initial Team Around the Child Meetings

The TAC brings together a range of different practitioners to support the family following the EHA. As part of this process they should hold ‘Team around the Child’ meetings. Parents/carers should attend TAC meetings as well as young people if appropriate, and it is important to engage with them throughout the process. The TAC meeting should be planned carefully, and the Lead Professional should consider who and how many people should be at this meeting. Some parents will be comfortable with bigger groups and some may find this difficult to cope with. Work should be undertaken with the young person and parent to help them engage in a meaningful way. See Information Sheet 2 for additional guidance.

If a practitioner cannot attend a meeting it is important to find out if they can provide assessment information and what support if any they can offer the family; this can then be discussed at the meeting.

The members of the TAC take joint responsibility to develop and deliver a package of solution focussed support to meet the needs identified through the EHA. Each practitioner in the TAC is responsible / accountable to their home agency for the services they deliver to children, young people and their families; they are also jointly responsible for:

  • Developing and delivering the Multi Agency Action Plan
  • Delivering the activities they agreed to carry out
  • Keeping the other members of the team informed about progress in their area of responsibility,providing reports promptly and attending meetings
  • Contributing to recording the child’s plan, chairing meetings and taking on other tasks asnecessary
  • Supporting the Lead Professional by providing information, offering guidance and advice
  • Contributing actively and positively to solving problems or resolving difficulties
  • Ensuring that if the child young/person is not present, that the meeting remains child focussedand their views are included.

Completing the Multi Agency Action Plan

The Multi Agency Action Plan is for those cases requiring a multi-agency response following the completion of the EHA. It should be completed during or following a Team Around the Child (TAC) meeting. All participants of the TAC, including parents and the young person should be given a copy of the EHA and Multi-Agency Action plan.

The Multi Agency Action Plan is a key document for the people involved; it will state what action is to take place and who will carry out that action. Young people and parents can have actions to carry out as well as other service providers. It is important that these are realistic targets and support the needs that have been identified. Young people and parents need to be involved and to understand the Multi Agency Action Plan.


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Last updated: 16 October 2015

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