FAQ for TAC and Lead Professionals

If I do an Early Help Assessment, do I have to be Lead Professional?

You will be the Lead Professional until the first meeting, and then discussion should take place with the child and family as to who is best placed to take this role on an ongoing basis. There is a range of criteria that can help inform the decision, based on the predominant needs of the child or family; the wishes of the child or family; or a previous or potential ongoing relationship with the child. The other practitioners will have an important contribution to make in delivering their agreed actions.

If I do and Early Help Assessment, do I have to log it?

If you are going to start a TAC, or if you are making a request for a service from Lincolnshire County Council, e.g. a Family Support Worker, or a Targeted youth Support Worker. If the outcome of the Assessment is that you are going to provide all of the support needed from within your agency, you do not need to log.

Can I fill in an Early Help Assessment and share it with the family later?

No. The EHA should always be filled in with the young person and/or family.

What do I do if a family won’t agree to the process?

Continue to support the child, young person and family from within your own agency, and continue to discuss the benefits of accessing support via a TAC. Assess the risk to the child or young person, and if you believe there is risk of significant harm, make a safeguarding referral and
and inform the family you are doing so. The TAC website has more ideas for engaging families.

Can a young person consent to TAC without their parents’ agreement?

Yes, if you judge them to be Fraser Competent. The TAC website has more information on this.

Does being Lead professional take up a lot of time?

It doesn’t have to. In fact in the longer term, it should save time as a co-ordinated approach is proven to increase the chances of a child’s needs being met earlier.

Can I handwrite the Early Help Assessment?

Yes. And if you need to log it, it can be scanned and emailed securely, or posted. Contact details for the TAC Administrators can be found on the TAC website.

Do TAC meetings have to have minutes?

No. You should follow your own agency’s policy, but meetings should be based around agreeing and reviewing the child’s plan, so updating this should be the priority.

I don’t feel confident to be a Lead Professional. Who can support me?

Early Help Consultants can give you advice, support and guidance. Contact details are on the TAC website.

How long does the TAC process last for?

There is no limit on the length of time a child or young person can be part of the TAC process. Some children and young people may require support for a number of years whereas for others involvement may be of a short duration. The key principle is that the process should support the child to meet their needs and achieve their potential. As long as the process is reviewed regularly and appropriate services are being provided then TAC can continue indefinitely until the child reaches 18 years of age.

Is there a “TAC file” held in respect of a child or young person?

Each professional involved with a child or young person will be expected to maintain their own records in line with their agencies requirements. All EHAs and Plans logged will be kept on Lincolnshire County Council’s electronic system.

Is the Lead Professional responsible for delivery of services?

Each professional remains accountable for their practice, if a service is agreed but isn’t delivered then the agency that agreed to provide the service is accountable. The Lead Professional is responsible for coordination, not delivery of another service.

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Last updated: 5 November 2015

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