C-Card Scheme and Handbook

If you are within 13-19 years old then you are eligible to free condoms, lube and sexual health information from the Lincolnshire Community Health Service’s C-Card scheme.

All you need to do is register at a “C-Card Registration Point”. This is a quick and easy process which will grant you access, and it’s completely confidential (as long as the LCHS C-Card employee deems you are not at risk or that the law has been broken).

If you are under the legal age of consent (16), you can still access treatment and advice confidentially. You are still entitled to the same duties of care as adults, however, just as before, your confidentiality will be broken if the LCHS employee working with you thinks you are at risk or that the law has been broken.


You can find out more information at the official website: http://lincolnshirehealthyteens.nhs.uk/teens/sexual-health-2/c-card/

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Last updated: 12 September 2017

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