Children's Social Care

If you have a concern about a child in Lincolnshire, please ring our Customer Service Centre on 01522 782 111. Email referrals are only accepted from a specific set of professionals where we have a prior agreement.

If a TAC is already in place and the concerns are NOT URGENT you should consult the lead professional or TAC consultant prior to ringing the above number to gain advice about whether a safeguarding referral is needed.

If you are unsure whether your concerns are of a safeguarding nature, please ring 01522 782 111 and request a consultation with an Early Help advisor. This is only available when a TAC is not open. This is explained further below.

Making a Safeguarding Referral

When making a safeguarding referral, it is advised to complete the safeguarding referral form via the link below PRIOR to ringing as it contains prompts for the level of information that will be asked when you make a safeguarding referral.

Lincolnshire Children’s Services require as much information as possible about your concern and how the children are being affected to enable the screening team to determine the most appropriate support to address the need.

If you are unable to complete the form before ringing, you will be advised to do so during your phone call to report your concerns.The information on the form must reflect the information you share during the telephone call with the Customer Service Centre as it is your record of the information shared.

Safeguarding Referral Form

Screening Your Contact

Following your contact, the screening team will have one working day to screen the contact and make a decision about the course of action for the individual child or children. Within that day, your contact will be considered by at least two senior social workers within Children’s Services.

If you are entitled to an outcome letter due to Data Protection rules, you will be provided with advice and a rationale about the decision made by the screening team. You will be advised whether you are entitled to a letter during your phone call with the Customer Service Centre.

Early Help Consultation

If you have notified the parents or young person (provided they are Fraser competent), that you wish to take advice from Children’s Services, a consultation will be recorded on the child’s record. When you ring 01522 782 111 you will be asked for basic details about the concern and a consultation will be sent to the Early Help Advisors. The Early Help Advisors will then attempt to ring you the following working day, for a maximum of three attempts. If after these attempts, it is unsuccessful, advice will be provided in writing based on what you shared.

If you have not notified the parents or young person that you wish to seek advice, ring 01522 782 111 to request a hypothetical consultation and you will be asked about your basic concerns, but no identifying information. The Early Help Advisor will not be able to view the child’s records and will advise you based on the information you share during your conversation. The process will remain the same as above.

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Last updated: 31 August 2018

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