Children's Services Practice Standards Manual

The standards and practice matters contained in this manual should be viewed as part of an approach to ensure that services are delivered to an agreed quality. They do not stand alone, but are an integral part of achieving service strategies and policies and meeting procedural and operational requirements.

There are three key drivers in any organisation for determining the way a service is delivered. These are having agreed standards, procedures and policies.

The following definitions help show how these drivers are related and dependent on each other.

Standards: these are the rules that describe the (minimum) service or practice that can be expected by the service user. Most of them are legally set through government guidance and legislation, or are based on evidence based research.
They are mandatory.

Procedures: These are the steps that describe the actions needed to deliver that service or practice - the what, how, when, where and who. They are mandatory.

Policies: These provide the strategic context for shaping the standards and procedures, and answer the question of why the service is delivered in particular way and why the service is important.
The delivery of the policy requirements, as set out by Lincolnshire County
Council, is the responsibility of all staff.

The standards in the manual are designed to improve consistency in practice across the county and to drive up the quality of the service provided to the vulnerable children and young people of Lincolnshire and their families.

It is important that the standards manual is read in conjunction with the online children’s procedures manual and the Local Safeguarding Children Board safeguarding procedures


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Last updated: 5 November 2015

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