Children’s Services Locality Teams

Locality teams are broadly responsible for early intervention, prevention and taking and dealing with requests for services for children.

The overall vision of the Locality Team delivery is to support families remain safely within the community and work with families and other professionals to prevent needs escalating to a point where more formal interventions are required.

Team Managers and some team members are interchangeable and work across targeted and specialist areas to ensure services for children remain effective.

Locality Heads of Service

Children’s Services Locality Heads of Services are responsible for the staff working with families in those areas. 3 Heads of Service cover the localities between them with a range of staff in place to support and deliver services:

Targeted Teams
The Targeted Team Manager in each locality manages staff who cover the following areas and roles:

  • Children’s Centres
  • Youth and Community Development Workers
  • Youth Support Workers
  • Family Support Workers

Family Assessment Support Team (FAST)
The Team Manager in each Locality area manages a number of staff who are within the Children’s Social Care field. This includes Advanced and Senior Practitioners, Social Workers and Children and Family Officers.
They have a more targeted role around child protection and children in need.

Contact Team
The Contact Team provide a contact service for children and families, in keeping with its duties under the Children Act 1989, in relation to children at risk of significant harm and children in need.

Regulated Services Head of Service

Regulated Services covers all three locality team areas, though there is a north/south division within teams, and covers Looked After Children including children’s homes, Fostering and Adoption services.

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) Manager

The LSCB is responsible for ensuring Lincolnshire County Council services meet the needs of children and families in relation to safeguarding, and is responsible for making training available to professionals and facilitating inter-agency working arrangements. This team sits within the Central Team within Children’s Services but works across the localities.

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Last updated: 21 October 2015

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