What is Bullying?

  • Local Context

    Local Context

    Lincolnshire have implemented strategies to combat bullying and promote self confidence and esteem.

  • National Context

    National Context

    Tackling bullying has been identified as a key priority by Government for many years and this looks likely to continue.

  • Bullying

    Children's Guide

    Anti-bullying information sheet for children and young people who may be being bullied.

  • Image for Parent Partnership - Practitioners

    Parent's Guide

    Anti-bullying information sheet for parents to help support children and young people.

  • Why Does Bullying Happen?

    Why Does Bullying Happen?

    Many people are bullied for various reasons but some groups are particularly at risk.

  • What is bullying?

    What is Bullying?

    Behaviour, usually repeated, that hurts another individual physically or emotionally.

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