Types of Bullying

  • Appearance

    Bullying related to appearance such as clothing and makeup or health conditions such as eczema or weight.

  • Cyber Bullying

    Bullying via text message, instant-messenger services and social network sites, email and via images or videos.

  • Race

    Bullying incidents related to race, religion or culture which can be direct, but can also be indirect.

  • SEN

    Bullying related to special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities, which places young people at more risk.

  • Sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying 

    Sexist and sexual bullying affects both genders as boys may be victims as well as girls, and both sexes may be victims of same sex.

  • Sexual Orientation

    Research suggests that children and young people who are gay or lesbian face a higher risk of victimisation than their peers.

  • Young Carers

    Bullying of young carers or looked-after children, or otherwise linked to home circumstances, or associative causes.

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Last updated: 16 October 2015

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