Independent Chairs

The Independent Chairs Service is a team of staff that chair child protection conferences and children’s looked after reviews.

A child protection conference is a meeting of parents, children and professionals that come together to consider any concerns about risks to the safety of a child and whether a child protection plan is needed to keep the child safe.

A Looked after review takes place when a child is looked after by the local authority.  Parents, professionals, carers and children are involved to consider the plan for the child and to make sure that all health, education, family and social needs are being met.

The Service also monitors the quality of information and care provided to children and meets regularly with Children’s Services managers to help improve outcomes for children.

Did you know:

  • All children participate in their reviews by a number of different ways
  • Children can chair their own reviews with the support of the Independent Review Officers.
  • Looked After Reviews and Child Protection Conferences all take place within set timescales so that no child is kept waiting for plans and actions to be put in place to help make a child safe and provide opportunities for development of potential.

Independent Chairs Queries

Barbara Starns or Theresa Buhryn
Tel: 01522 782111
Email: or

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Last updated: 30 October 2015

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