Consent Forms

Consent Forms
It is vitally important workers gain consent for involving children and young people in activities regardless of the level of risk. Consent allows the person(s) to whom the consent is given to act in ‘loco parentis’ - what you would reasonably expect from a good, caring parent. For Looked After Children carers/senior residential worker may sign for low risk activity (social worker to complete for high risk/adventurous).

Consent form can be completed to cover a period of time (e.g. meetings and low risk activities for 2018) and/or a number of activities (e.g. 6 fitness sessions). However, for each future engagement parental/carer reminder/correspondence should give full details of arrangements and activity (if changed) and ask if any details on the consent form may have changed. For example, a reminder about the fitness sessions may not require additional information whereas an additional meeting by a member of V4C (children in care council) will need new arrangement details sharing with the carer albeit covered under the generic consent form.

Consent forms are to be carried by the lead worker for any trip. Depending on travel arrangements several staff may need to carry all consent forms in case something happens to a split party. Some key information may need to be shared with other responsible adults. A Home/Base Contact should also have a list of participants and staff attending and their consent/contact information.

NB. Any high risk or adventurous activity will need new permission and another form completing!

It is important to check consent for missing information and the signed declaration. Key information should be noted and anything that needs further clarity should be followed up with parent/carer/social worker and noted on the form. Details on storage, disposal and data protection are covered in the Children’s Services Health and Safety Policy.

Media consent
A separate media consent is included and its completion should be encouraged so that photos can be used to promote services and celebrate events. In any event, photos may be distorted using artistic effects (in PowerPoint) to disguise children without media consent.

Guidance for completing the consent form
- PDF attached here is for illustration purposes as first boxes cannot be filled in. Document is available in MS Word on Evolve (in Resources) or available through an Educational Visits Coordinator
- Fill in the necessary details in the shaded boxes. The bold headers second box is intended to cover one off activities and events or cover a period of time, delete as appropriate. Do not list all possible activities as it is likely something will be missed. Parents/carers have an opportunity to not give permission to a particular activity on page 2
- Document should not go to a third page, delete the ‘swim’ box at the bottom if this is not applicable
- The consent form can be used for all activities including high risk and adventurous activities though these cannot be included as part of a general consent form or as a block list mixed with other low risk activities! All high risk and adventurous activities require a separate consent form. An exception would be if a child was attending a high risk activity for a number of weeks, here one form that included the dates would be sufficient or if a number of adventurous activities were to be experienced at an AALA approved activity centre though all possible activities should be agreed with the centre and listed on the consent form


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Last updated: 25 January 2018

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