Young Inspectors

Lincolnshire Young Inspectors programme is an established part of Lincolnshire County Council performance assurance and makes an active contribution to the Children’s Services Quality Assurance Framework 2014-2016.

At the heart of services delivered by the Children’s Services Directorate are children, young people and their families. In line with Ofsted best practice model, we will champion peer involvement and support the inclusion of the child and young person voice throughout all Quality Assurance Reviews.

The young inspectors programme aims to support young people from hard to reach and underrepresented groups to participate in volunteer opportunities increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence leading to improved life chances.

It is an integral part of the QA process that views of those receiving services are gathered, recorded and acted upon. The Young Inspectors Programme has been set up to address this issue directly. The Programme provides young people with an opportunity to influence change and support the development and improvement of services that affect their lives and those of other children and young people.

Lincolnshire Young Inspectors has a very clear remit to quality assure services which are accessed by other children and young people. Making recommendations for improvement and change and providing positive feedback where a service or project delivers a quality provision. Young people are uniquely placed to take on this role, providing an independent perspective which could not be gained through an adult evaluation.

At the end of each inspection process all of the notes/ photograph observations are brought together in a full report, including recommendations for improvement.

Final reports and further information on the Young Inspectors Programme can be downloaded below.

For queries in relation to the programme please contact - Young Inspectors Programme Co-ordinator.

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Last updated: 16 October 2015

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