Youth Offending Service

The Youth Offending Service in Lincolnshire pulls together expertise and resources from a number of local agencies, including the Police; National Probation Service; Public Health; and Children’s Services, to deliver high quality work with young people, their parents/carers, and victims of youth crime.

Examples of innovative and effective practice from the three teams include:

  • Working with Children’s Services to reduce the numbers of young people remanded to custodial establishments
  • Working with Lincolnshire Police to help prevent young people from getting into criminal activity by making effective use of Restorative Justice as early on as possible
  • Closer co-operation with the Early Help Teams teams through joint casework and co-location
  • Ensuring that, where possible, victims are heard and have a say in the outcomes for young offenders

Wherever possible we aim to prevent young people from offending in the first place, and once in the Criminal Justice System, to accurately assess and offer high quality interventions to help reduce crime and protect victims, with the desire to increase public safety in Lincolnshire.

Our goals are to offer effective community orders, to rehabilitate offenders, offer positive opportunities to young people, enforce court orders, and to take into account the views of victims offering a restorative outcome where ever possible. We will treat everyone with respect and dignity whilst recognising the diversity of the communities we work in.

To do this we will:

  • Carry out swift administration of justice so that every young person accused of breaking the law has the matter dealt with without delay.
  • Confront young offenders with the consequences of their offending, for themselves and their family, their victims and the community and help them to develop a sense of personal responsibility.
  • Undertake interventions, which tackle the particular factors (personal, family, social, educational or health) that put the young person at risk of offending and, which strengthens their “protective factors”.
  • Propose punishment proportionate to the seriousness and persistence of the offence.
  • Encourage reparation to victims by young offenders.
  • Reinforce the responsibilities of parents.

At all stages we will treat everyone with respect and dignity whilst recognising the diversity of the communities we work in.
If you want to contact Lincolnshire Youth Offending Service about any of the above, or anything else please ring 01522 554554 or email us on

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Last updated: 8 February 2017

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