Children and Families Voices

Learning by Listening 2012 - A small scale research report with children and families recieving child protection services in Lincolnshire.

The Journey of Learning (FSW Training) - Early Years Child Development Presentation (CFBT).

How Children say the UK is doing - OFSTED 2014 report - How children experience services, including education and fulfilment of their rights.

We should have been helped from day one - Researh in Practice study - views of children and parents recieving planned interventaions around moderate level neglect.

REPORT Children’s Care Monitor 2013/2014 - Children’s views on the state of Social Care in England - Children’s Rights Director Office 2014.

How can Social Care Providers involve service users? - Social Care Network, Guardian web article 2014

Social Work Education leads the way on invloving service users - Learning and development hub, Guardian web article 2014.

Young People’s Survey Report - Young people accessing health services- Healthwatch Lincolnshire, 2014.

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Last updated: 15 October 2015

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