Child Protection Practice

Learning from serious case reviews - DFE detailed research report 2010.

PI research summary - Understanding performance in child protection - How local authorities are responding to the MUnro review 2013.

When parents and network create safety for the child - Evaluation of safety plans as part of working with children at risk in Copenhagen 2013.

YOS research - multi agency responses to children who sexually offend - Criminal Justice Joint Investigation article.

Clinical Judgement and Decision - Making in Childrens Social Work - DFE research report 2014.

An overview of inspection findings in relation to the help care and protection of children - Ofsted, CQC,HMIP, HMIC 2014.

Child Protection CAFCASS duty of care human rights - legal update briefing 2014.

Enough - A report on child protection and mental health services for children and young people - Centre for Social Justice policy report 2014.

Report on Serious Case Reviews in Lincolnshire between 2004 and 2012.

Serious Case Review History David Jones - International Perspectives on learning and efficacy of serious.

2014 Professional Judgement Conference Slides - Includes Judge Swindells and Boston Participation Group Presentations.

Childrens Commissioner - Briefing o National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Environment.

Birth Mothers who Lose Successive Infants and Children to Public Care - A ppt presentation on recent research. Nuffield, University of Manchester, NHS, Cafcass, Brunel university.

Birth Mothers and Recurrent Care Proceedings - research findings - University of Manchester ppt.

10 reasons to stay in Child Protection Social Work - Guardian Society blog article about the challenges and rewards of Child Protection Social Work 2014.

How does Child Protection Work affect Social Workers - Guardian Society blog article about potential and actual effects of Child Protection work on Social Workers 2014.

How I support families with learning disabilities through Child Protection - Guardian Society blog article about supporting CWD and their families through the court process, 2014.

Cafcass Plus Evaluation Final Report - A University of Lincoln Research Report on CAFCASS Plus in Lincolnshire 2014.

CP Research Report RS - A Birmingham City Council qualitative research report on the experiences of parents and staff within the Child Protection Process 2014.

The Story of Baby P - Setting the record straight - a new book by Professor Ray Jones.

House of Commons Report of Inspection of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council - February 2015.

FGM Consultation report –Children’s Commissioner for England response to Home Office Consultation January 2015.

PAM CYP – Children’s Society Research Paper about children of parents who drink too much.




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