Additional CPD Resources

Girls and Gangs - Centre for Social Justice research paper with recommendations for practice and inter-agency working.

Evaluation of placement options following RE B-S (3) - BAAF on permanence options for a Child in Care proceedings.

Briefing 43 - SCIE Effective supervison in Social Work and Social Care briefing paper 2012.

Keeping Kids out of court who are in care - Relationships for children in care - the value of mentoring and befriending - NEF research report 2014.

IRO’S Survey Findings - A national Children’s Bureau Survey report on IRO’s in England 2013.

Psychotic Substances - A Lincolnshire Safer Communities report, with acdtion plan, on Psychotic Substance misuse in Lincolnshire 2014.

UK GPS State of the State - A report by Deloitte on the future of public services during a time of fiscal austerity, including service reduction pressures and the need for innovative change, with recommendations for the future 2014.

Private Fostering annual report - LCC Private Fostering Annual Report for the period 2013 - 14.

Statistical First Release Report (SfR43) - A DFE Statistical First Release report on the characteristics of Children in Need in England for the period 2013 - 14.

Mental Health Interim Report - A Healthwatch Lincolnshire Interim Report on Service Users, Patients and Carers views on Mental Health Services 2014.

Young Persons Report - A Healthwatcch Lincolnshire Survery report on improving how agencies hear the experience and views of children and young people in Lincolnshire 2014.

Population Trends in Lincolnshire - A Lincolnshire Resaerch Observatory report on population trends in Lincolnshire in 2013.

Single Inspection of LA Children’s Services and review of the LSCB - The full overall good judgement report from our recent 2014 OFSTED Inspection.

The media and social work - a critical ppt by Professor Ray Jones.

Trends and Friends - access, use and benefits of digital technology for homeless and ex-homeless - research report, Lemos and Frankenburg.

Assessing parental Capacity to Change when Children are on the Edge of Care: and overview of current research evidence. Research report -DFE June 2014.

Children’s Participation in Decision Making – A Children and Young People’s views report  by CRAE and Participation works for the Children’s Commissioner for England.

Alliance Vision for Care – A call to reassess and refocus residential care for children and young people.

Ambitious for Children – Children’s Commissioner for England priorities paper.

Care Monitor – Children’s Commissioner for England 2015 Children’s Views -annual survey report on Looked After Children issues and services.

Report to the UNCRC – Joint Children’s Commissioner’s Report on  the state of Children’s Rights in the UK.

Research in Practice Models of Adolescent Care: This rapid review examines the evidence on models of adolescent care provision beyond the residential children’s home model.

Substance Misuse –Health Needs Assessment: LCC summary paper.

Children’s Attachment  -  A NIHCE paper on attachment in children and young people who are adopted from care, in care or at high risk of going into care.

Stop treating adoption as the only option for children in care -  a blog article sponsored by CAFCASS.


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