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Lincolnshire Young Carers Count Leaflet - The current version of the Lincolnshire Young Carers information Leaflet.

Early Prevention of Cancer Briefing document - A briefing note on Early Prevention of Cancer Services.

ULHT 2014 briefing on the Family and Baby project - A detailed 2014 information briefing on the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust Family and Baby project, with pathway flowchart.

Legal Highs MH Booklet low res - A useful information booklet  on ‘legal highs’and mental health, produced for service users but also useful for practitioner awareness-raising.

NYAS Children’s Advocacy service briefing document - This document describes in detail the remit of NYASin Lincolnshire, defining eligibility for service.

Ecstacy, Mental Health effects and implications for effective practice - This lively and engaging information handbook describes the mental health and social effects of taking Ecstacy.  Could be shared with older service users.

Drug and Alcohol Resilience Programme Brochure 2015 Great information about the Amy Winehouse Foundation/Addaction resilience (drug and alcohol awareness) programme for schools, currently running in a number of Lincolnshire schools.

Domestic Abuse Lincolnshire Service Newsletter - June 2015.

Lincolnshire Addaction Service Newsletter- June 2015.

Talent Match Lincolnshire Network Bulletin - July 2015.

Lincoln Newsletter July 2015 – Princes Trust Programme update newsletter.

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Last updated: 15 October 2015

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