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Last Chance To See the Wonderful Bathing Beauties Exhibition

Head on over here to find more information.

The Return of Jabba II

The new Jabba II has been installed at the same location as the original Jabba, and its proudly looking out to sea. Head of over to the new Jabba II page for more information.

Bathing Beauties - Art Meets Architecture on the Lincolnshire Coast

Bathing Beauties® began back in 2006 with an international art and architecture competition to ‘re-imagine the Beach Hut for the 21st Century’. The project captured worldwide attention and resulted in three, ongoing programmes:

  • Huts on Parade: a series of bold huts on the superb Lincolnshire coastline
  • Six huts now installed: and one of the first and most famous of the lot ‘Jabba’ is now due to be replaced with an exciting new version. Head on over to the Jabba page for more information
  • Touring Exhibition: 100 inspirational models by artists and architects from all over the world now touring galleries around the UK
  • Festival of Bathing Beauties®: the longest linear coastal art festival in Europe - head on over to the Fesitval page for information on this year’s Festival.
  • Cloud Bar and Bird Hide: the world’s first cloud spotting platform and an iconic new bird hide

Structures on the Edge: The next generation

Building on the massive success of Bathing Beauties®, a second competition was held in 2010 to design permanent small structures on the wilder stretches of the Lincolnshire coast.

Planning permission was granted for the Sound Tower in 2013 and was installed on site in February 2014. The Sound Tower was awarded a grant from the Rural Development Programme for England.

Planning Permission for ‘Salt Licks’ was granted in 2014. Information included in the planning application can be found on the Salt Licks page.

Reflector’ - A new Structure on The Edge delivered by Lincolnshire County Council has been installed at Frampton Marsh.

North Sea Observatory - The final plans for the building were shown to the public at Chapel St Leonards in July 2013. Planning permission for the scheme was approved in December 2013.


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